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We Offer a Range of Flooring Systems to Meet Your Needs


These waterproofing systems are designed to provide a strong protective layer that is tough, durable, abrasion and chemical resistant and is an ideal coating for underground parking decks, recycling rooms, warehouses and many other industrial type locations. 

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Our flake epoxy floors are exceptionally resilient and durable so they can withstand heavy equipment, machinery and high traffic. This decorative epoxy coating is very tough against impacts, stains, cracks, chemicals and surface abrasions. 


Our floor systems are ideal for foot traffic inside shopping malls, stores and a variety of other locations. It is very easy to maintain, upkeep and keep it clean. It is very durable, protective and dust proof.

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Preparation is the most important part in the epoxy industry. The whole place gets grinded or shotblasted. Cracks or any other imperfections will be examined and repaired accordingly in order to achieve the best surface for product installation. Corners between floor and wall will be sealed for waterproofing purposes. We take our time to achieve tough bonding for the best finished result. 

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